Foot Care in Winter


It’s now winter in the Adelaide Hills! Whilst we love all the warm and snuggly things that winter brings (think heavy winter coats, warm fires, hot cups of soup and woollen blankets); there’s nothing worse than cold feet and toes.

Feet can take the wrath of the cold weather and there are actually some foot conditions that are brought on by the cold. That’s why we have compiled some of our best kept tips for keeping your feet healthy, happy and toasty-warm this winter.

1.     Keep feet warm with thick warm socks (natural fibres such are wool or cotton are best) and slippers. Please avoid using hot water bottles, wheat bags or fires/heaters to warm your feet as these can cause burns – especially if you have diabetes.

2.     If you get caught in the rain, change out of wet shoes and socks as quickly as possible.  Make sure that you dry out wet shoes before wearing them again.

3.     Check the soles of your shoes for wear. Worn soles can be slippery in the rain, resulting in a possible slip or fall.

4.     Get those feet moving! Exercise stimulates blood circulation to the feet which keeps them warm and healthy. If it is too cold or wet to exercise outside, swap outside exercise for an inside venue like a gym. For a free option, pop down to Marion for a walk inside (and maybe a coffee and window shop)!

5.     Winter feet still need to be cared for.  Ensure that you check your feet daily, dry well between your toes and don’t forget to moisturise.

6.     Closed in shoes can aggravate some foot conditions such as ingrown toenails, corns and/or callus. Footwear should have adequate width, length and depth to accommodate your toes. If you have concerns, see your podiatrist for advice.

7.     Some circulation conditions (for example Chilblains) can be brought on by the cold weather. If you have any foot health concerns see your health care practitioner.

8.     Oh, and if you get a chance on a rainy day, don a pair of rubber boots and go jump in some puddles.  Foot care in winter should be fun!